Testing a Bronica 6×6 back.

I recently decided to buy an additional back for my Bronica, my others have leaked light at various times and are usually sealed with gaffer tape immediately after loading.  My ‘new’ back arrived swiftly so I loaded it with a roll of Ilford Delta 100 and headed out (with fingers crossed) to put it to the test.

Frustratingly, it too appears to have let a wee bit of light in from the side. I’m giving up looking for backs that don’t leak now.  I’ve tried the replacement foam seal sets, but even they’re getting hard to get hold of these days. A bulk gaffer tape order is on the horizon I suspect.

This was one of the frostiest mornings of the winter so far and I arrived just as the sun had decided to put in an appearance.  Everything was starting to thaw out pretty quickly so I made a few exposures and had a bit of a stroll about in the peace and quiet.

The negatives were developed in Kodak XTOL 1:1 and I was using an 80mm Zenzanon.

Slide Scan108

EugeneKeoghPArklandDitchThe odd looking bunker running the length of the picture, turns out to be a demarkation line representing a sub-division of the medieval deer park that once existed here. 12th Centuryish apparently.


The light leakage is pretty apparent in the picture above (top right). A bit of fiddling in Lightroom might improve things.

Slide Scan114


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