Ansco Memo II


My friend Mat just moved house. Whilst shifting his belongings he found this. It’s an Ansco Memo II. He used it as a student some fifteen or so years ago. It’s been in his loft ever since.

It’s a half-frame, wind-up, 35mm camera. I’ve never seen one before but it’s the coolest little thing I’ve ever clapped eyes on.

There are a few pages on Flickr dedicated to it and I have managed to find a manual online.  It produces 72 exposures from a 36 exposure film and it’s 25mm F2.8 lens has three focus settings – Close, near & far. What can go wrong?

The only limitation seems to be that it only meters for and up to 200ASA. Guess I’ll stick a roll of TRI-X in and see what happens. Hope to be able to post some results soon….IMG_0780IMG_0782IMG_0781


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