Kodak Tri-X 400.

We went for a post Christmas walk the other day, the four of us. The Children shot off ahead on their new scooters and I took a few casual shots as we walked around the icy park. I find suburban parks very uninspiring places to be, in a photographic context that is. That said, whenever I go I always seem to have a camera with me.

I took my Leica M6 with a roll of Tri-X.  I always think I like Tri-X more than I actually do. I often find the end results a touch disappointing. It’s too grainy for my taste really, but my favourite Delta 100 is often too slow for ‘run & gun’ stuff during the British winter.  I have continued using Delta 100 with my Bronica on a tripod, but not at the same time as chasing a couple of under 5’s through a park. I also have about ten boxes of Tri-X to get through and the winter seems like a good time to do it.

Anyway, M6 & Tri-X.

Slide Scan192I developed the negative in Kodak Xtol stock solution for a change. I usually use a 1:1 ratio but was to lazy to mix it.

Flicking through the shots I found only a couple that I’m satisfied with. I really think that I need to stop taking a rangefinder to the park, I struggle for inspiration every time and  find the resulting images boring and flat. I’m going to take a digital camera next time with a 14mm lens.

Slide Scan190My apathy lies in the fact that although our park is huge it somewhat lacks in the breathtaking scenery stakes. Its a fantastic place for kids and I also run in there most mornings. But ultimately its 2,400 acres of flat heathland.

I really need to get into the City for the day and refresh myself after this Christmas lull. The kids go back to school next Monday so I’m unable to take a day out until then.  In the meantime, here’s a couple of my boring photos from our walk in the park.Slide Scan206 Slide Scan194 Slide Scan215


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