Ansco Memo II – Testing and Results

In an earlier post, I explained that my friend had given me a fantastic looking Ansco Memo II. It’s a particularly cool little wind up camera and I couldn’t wait to give it a go. I took it out yesterday having armed it with one of the rolls of Tri-X I have in abundance. It’s a half frame camera so I had 72 shots to take. We went for breakfast with some friends and headed to the swing park with the Children.

Slide Scan220

As soon as we got home I dived straight into the changing bag and got to work on the negative.Slide Scan222

Bad news. It would appear that the shutter isn’t opening properly. I’ve looked at all 72 exposures and its the same story all the way along. I shot using both automatic and manual iris controls but they’re both the same. I guess the iris has no bearing on the mechanics of the shutter anyway.

I don’t imagine there’s much that can be done to remedy the problem either, so it looks like this little Ansco Memo II has taken it’s last photograph!

Slide Scan221


3 thoughts on “Ansco Memo II – Testing and Results

    1. Yes I might just do that. It’s frustrating really because from looking at the snippet of image that does appear, it seems to focus and expose the scene correctly. I might have a little look myself first though see if I can do anything.

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