Ilford Delta 100 while its raining.

It’s been raining hard for the last few days. Aside from going running and doing the school run in it, I’ve been hiding away indoors. I’m not a fan of wet weather.

To occupy myself I popped a roll of Delta 100 into my Bronica SQ-A and used the Zenzanon 110mm f4 Macro lens.

It’s not the best macro lens in the world at 1:4 but I like it. One day I might pick up a set of bellows on eBay, until then though, this is it.

I started with the onion and moved onto some other stuff that I like the look of. I’m planning on doing some more of these shots. I find them interesting to shoot.

The photos are all lit very simply using only a small hand torch.

All objects have since been eaten.

Slide Scan231 Slide Scan233 Slide Scan237


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